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Construction Services


Construction Services

CPM Scheduling

Ralli Consulting provides Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling services, an essential requirement for effective project management. Our services include the preparation, analysis and updating of baseline schedules based on actual project progress. These services allow our clients to effectively plan and organize the work, measure progress, quantify impacts and adjust to changes with maximum efficiency.

Our work product and deliverables are prepared using the latest versions of the industry’s scheduling software. Ralli Consulting’s reporting protocols are customized to our client’s needs and reflect the requirements of various levels of personnel that will review the scheduling information – from project staff to company executives.

Scheduling services include:

  • Master program schedules

  • Design phase schedules

  • Construction phase schedules

  • Completion and turnaround schedules

  • Window and look-ahead schedules

  • Recovery schedules

  • Contract time determination for bids

  • Cost and resource loading of CPM schedules

  • Periodic updating of schedules

  • Schedule analysis and trending

  • Progress completion verification (percent complete)

Review and analysis of schedules prepared by others

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