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Construction Services


Construction Services

Project Risk Assessment/Management

Construction projects are exposed to risk from concept to completion. To manage those risks, Ralli Consulting employs proven strategies during the project development, design and construction phases.

Our team of professionals can be called upon to assess troubled projects and oversee completion. Ralli Consulting combines our construction management skills with the analytical tools and wealth of experience to provide comprehensive risk management services.

Using our understanding of how things work, we apply proven strategies and systematic processes to identify and monitor risks while ensuring that the appropriate stakeholder is assigned to each risk. Ralli Consulting performs analysis to traditional construction problems and disputes to uncover hidden risks inherent in procedures, processes and performance that often lead to cost and time impacts. Once identified, risk management plans are developed along with actions to remove or minimize the threats to a successful project.

Risk Management services include:

  • CPM scheduling services

  • Change-order negotiations validation

  • Contract document (key-clause) reviews

  • Payment specification

  • Earned value management and analysis

  • Independent entitlement assessments

  • Issue monitoring and analysis of trends (documents, change management, cost, schedule, quality and safety)

  • Project controls development, review and oversight

  • Project monitoring

  • Project documentation audits

  • Peer review of existing CM/GC/PM teams

  • Quantitative risk assessment (cost/scheduling contingency assessment)

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