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Project/Construction Management Services



Project/Construction Management Services

Project Rehabilitation & Completion

For whatever reason, projects stall or veer off schedule, costs escalate, unforeseen conditions bring into question whether a project can even be completed on time and on budget, communication ceases and work grinds to a halt. Ralli Consulting professional team members will get projects moving again so that the contract can be successfully closed out.

Whether a project is being delivered under a traditional GMP contract, design-build, or other arrangement, Ralli Consulting can quickly assemble our team of construction experts send them to any project location and identify the root cause of the issues stifling a troubled project. Ralli Consulting provides the leadership necessary to solve complicated problems while being responsive and sensitive to the intricacies of troubled projects.

Project Rehabilitation and Completion services:

  • Snapshot analysis of project progress and procedures

  • Evaluation of a project’s costs to date and costs to complete

  • Preparation of completion and rescue CPM schedules

  • Evaluation and negotiation of unresolved change orders

  • Audits of approved and/or paid change orders

  • Continuous progress monitoring and reporting

  • Resolution of disputes and claims

  • Contract administration and close-out

  • Final payment determination and negotiation

  • Commissioning and startup assistance

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